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Justin Conway

Okay I made that recipe app, now what?


I’m done. I made the app. You can now access it at

There are bugs, and there is definitely security vulnerabilities (any folks who know about Firebase authentication rules please HMU).

I want to talk about about “releasing” the application. My wife and I had been using it for a couple months, and as she noticed things I would create a fix for it. But today? Well somehow having even 4 users broke everything!

Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 11.28.53 PM.png

But its out, I posted about it on Instagram, Twitter, here!

Now what?

  • Photos - People need photos on their recipes. I just don’t want to steal them, and storing them was annoying, but Firebase does make this very easy.
  • Calendar view - The whole goal in my mind is to ask “what meal did we eat most last year?” or “what meal do I eat most Mondays?” to avoid the “Dinner picker”’s choice. There is a lot more overhead here.
  • A feedback area. We are now at 30 “active” (meaning signed in and added a recipe) users. That is insane from a single Instagram post. Now I want people to add feature requests, and help me understand the value of this damn thing. I had a lot of outreach that really set in stone that this is a neat tool for folks, but let’s make sure they get the most of it.

I am just grateful it’s out. If you have the time check out