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Justin Conway

Wheaton, IL —


Chicago-based Engineering Manager with over fifteen years of experience solving problems with web technologies. I am interested in creating performant experiences for users regardless of ability and leading passionate/ curious teams to ship awesome/ rad work.



  • HTML (yes, HTML is a programming language)
  • CSS (these days I am more interested in atomic-based CSS, particularly for teams, but boy-howdy is it fun to write CSS in 2023)
  • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Node
    • React
    • Hacking on Google’s AMP-script component like its a sudoku puzzle
    • Svelte
  • PHP (Once in a job interview for a role I didn’t get I was embarassed to say that I wrote in PHP, but the hiring manager said “You know, one of the P’s in PHP stands for Pays the bills.” I’ll never forget that)
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Terraform (as well as various tools to make the AWS landscape more maintainable)
  • Python (mainly used for web scraping, but if you have a Python challenge then put me in coach)


  • Inclusive and equitable hiring process creation & improvement
  • OKR creation and measurement
  • Cross-organization program management
  • On-call support rotation management, and monitoring set up (DataDog, PagerDuty, Pingdom)
  • Web performance budgeting and tooling
  • Making websites work in IE7
  • Continuous integration (Jenkins, GitHub Actions)


Sprout Social

Chicago, IL

  • Senior Engineering Manager

    May 2022 — Present

    • In charge of our Brand Creative Web Engineering team. Responsible for managing the resourcing and intake of projects, prioritization, and ensuring team growth and stability.
    • Responsible for hiring, coaching, and mentoring an engineering team focused on creating accessible and performant web experiences that create and drive engagement and conversion.
    • Achieved one of the fastest hiring rounds in Sprout history with a role kick-off meeting ➡️ verbal acceptance in 28 days (and one of my proudest hires to-date ☺️).

    Engineering Manager

    September 2019 — May 2022

    • Received an award for exemplifying our Global Leadership Model around hiring, coaching, developing talent, and modeling inclusive leadership.
    • Collaborated with our Revenue partners to create improvement strategies with process and vision alignment and create actionable long-term goals for our team.
    • Created on-call rotation processes to ensure confidence from our partners across the organization.

    Senior Web Engineer

    June 2018 — September 2019

    • Received a company value award for technical contributions to our Marketing technology stack.
    • Created and maintained the infrastructure still utilized by our Marketing and Sales partners, including setting up alerting, performance testing, and continuous integration and delivery to ensure developer confidence.
    • Implementation of a Content Management System and process creation to enable our Marketing partners to do their job more effectively with less of a bottleneck from development.
    • Standardized our approach to web accessibility and the creation of baseline performance metrics for our Marketing stakeholders and Brand Creative developers.

    Web Engineer

    July 2015 — June 2018

    • Collaborated with Visual design and Marketing to bring marketing site landing pages and paid media campaigns to life.
    • Created technical improvements to our WordPress stack and simplified our deployment process.
    • Worked with cross-department engineers to share components and develop a shared design system.


Chicago, IL

  • Front End Developer

    November 2013 — July 2015

    • Worked as part of StageBloc’s front-end team, creating new features as well as optimizing and refactoring existing functionality.
    • Played a critical role in product and UX brainstorming sessions.
    • Developed custom websites and themes for music artists such as Kid Rock, Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, and Metallica.


Long Beach, CA

  • Lead Front End Developer

    August 2011 — October 2013

    • Worked as a team lead of 8 developers to provide development support to an agency primarily focused on lifestyle and streetwear brands.
    • Spent a large amount of time handling git merge conflicts.