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Justin Conway


  • Visual Studio Code. I was a pretty intense advocate for PHPStorm over the last 10 years with most of my work being based in WordPress or Magento, but Code being open-source and having such a fantastic community around it solves my development needs. I also love the high-contrast theme it ships with.

  • iTerm2. Someone told me that you could do really neat things with themes and I am likely only using 5% of its capabilities, but its awesome and allows me to forget terminal commands and have it save them for seemingly ever.

  • Chrome. I’ve recently started to challenge myself to switch browsers every week and use it for all things development as well as browsing, but the Chrome developer tools and extension eco-system just fit.

  • Authy. The most incredible 2FA tool in that theres a cloud back up and a desktop app, no more worrying about getting a new phone and spending all afternoon re-setting up 2FA, and also no having to look at my cellphone every time I need to get into my GitHub account.

  • Figma. What an incredible tool for design collaboration, and the ability to write plugins for it is fantastic and such a shift in design tooling.

  • Notion. My entire life is now managed within this application, its crazy. I maintain a TODO list, create long term goals and track to them, and I write all my 1-1 and meeting notes in it, what a beautiful piece of software. Once they have a nice/ available API I will likely use it as a CMS for this site.

  • Flycut. Web developers are notorious copy/ pasters and I am no different, Flycut is a lifeline for me to hold on to 50 or so strings so I can quickly go back to something I copied earlier.

  • Pen & paper. The biggest shift I made early last year was being intentional about not bringing my laptop to in-person meetings and instead rather taking a notepad and pen and being thoughtful about the notes I take. This became particularly impactful for 1-1s, and it may seem like it takes more time to digitally document it in our tools like Lattice or Confluence, it has helped significantly in my memory of the meetings and conversations.

Last updated 01/03/2021