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Justin Conway


  • PHPStorm. On our team we write a decent amount of PHP, be it for maintaining a Laravel API or writing WordPress plugins for content editors. I was introduced to PHPStorm back when I was still using Coda to directly edit files on the server and haven’t looked back.
  • iTerm2. Someone told me that you could do really neat things with themes and I am likely only using 5% of its capabilities, but its awesome and allows me to forget terminal commands and have it save them for seemingly ever.
  • Chrome. I’ve recently started to challenge myself to switch browsers every week and use it for all things development as well as browsing, but the Chrome developer tools and extension eco-system are just too good.
  • Authy. The most incredible 2FA tool in that theres a cloud back up and a desktop app, no more worrying about getting a new phone and spending all afternoon re-setting up 2FA, and also no having to look at my cellphone every time I need to get into my GitHub account.
  • Figma. What an incredible tool for design collaboration, and the ability to write plugins for it is fantastic and such a shift in design tooling.
  • Notion. My entire life is now managed within this application, its crazy. I maintain a TODO list, create long term goals and track to them, and I write all my 1-1 and meeting notes in it, what a beautiful piece of software. Once they have a nice/ available API I will likely use it as a CMS for this site.
  • Flycut. Web developers are notorious copy/ pasters and I am no different, Flycut is a lifeline for me to hold on to 50 or so strings so I can quickly go back to something I copied earlier.

Last updated 06/01/2020